Oops, I did it again

So the Britney/Paris/Lindsay set has been criticized many times over for getting out of a car in a mini skirt and flashing their whoha because 1) they can't get out of a car with their legs closed and 2) knowing this they still don't bother to wear any underwear. I'm certainly not saying they're above criticism, but I must say that for the past two days I've worn short skirts to work, and have flashed the empty parking garage as I tried to climb out of my giant sized luxury rental. Granted, I was wearing underwear and no one cares enough to take my picture, but it made me think, just for a second, that maybe it's easier than we all think to make that mistake.



Scott said...

As a guy, who obviously does not have any experience in this area, I agree. Its just that they paid more attention to.

Why? I saw a video once of the paparazzi following some of these folks to their car after they had went out on the town. The video actually showed them *trying* to take a pic up their skirt, as they were getting in and such. It was ridiculous.

1:50 PM
Anonymous said...

I know I've decided to always wear underwear under my skirts!--- Bob ( ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Got back from the Dom. Rep. Sunday...WOW...planning on going back next year!..for 2 weeks!! Punta Cana is my future home!

12:19 AM