Bad wrap

Tonight Fiancé's at an overnight work retreat. So what have I been doing? Housework, laundry, honeymoon research, and watching Myth Busters, Fiancé's favorite show. Not quite what I imagined I'd be doing with my precious eighteen hours of alone time. But tonight's Myth Busters was really interesting. They busted the myth "bull in a china shop" by setting up a china shop in a bullpen and letting one bull, and then many bulls, loose. The bulls navigated their way through the makeshift aisles of china with agility rivaling that of a ballerina. It was so cool! Who'd have thought that bulls are so conscientious?



Last weekend I was so grumpy. I didn't really have anything to be grumpy about, but I was grumpy anyway. Every once in a while I'd snap out of it for a bit, but then something minor would happen and my whole face would contort into a hybrid pout-scowl.

Now I'm not really grumpy anymore but my coworker M just told me she's very grumpy. Her office is the closest to mine. I think I infected her. Haha. I look innocent and lovable but I contaminate others. I'm like that monkey in Outbreak.


End it

My contacts are in the correct eyes today (long story, totally affirming my decision to have Lasik surgery in December), so I don't have a headache. I did, however, just sit through a 3 hour staff meeting, and am now ready to poke said eyes out with my finger.

Why do staff meetings always disintegrate into contention? Usually we all get along. My theory is that the family dynamics inherent among any small staff emerge when you're sitting around a conference table for an extended period of time with limited caffeine and no snacks.


There's no need to overreact

I have an appointment with Heather at her new salon in the beginning of September. All is well.

Not at all related, I have a toxic headache today and everyone is annoying me. Also, I moved my trash can at work and, as old habits die hard, I keep throwing sh*t on the floor.


This. Can't. Happen.

I just found out that my stylist left Salon Luna. They called me this afternoon so I can reschedule with someone else on their staff.


Heather and I have an understanding, a relationship.

She's doing my wedding hair! We were working on my highlights to have my color perfect for the wedding!

I don't want to see another stylist!!!

For god's sake, why are people CHANGING THINGS!!!???



Today I was thinking how lucky I am to have Fiancé. He's always the person I want to be with, no matter what I'm doing. And now he's around all the time!

I know. Not really a ground-breaking revelation.

But it makes me smile every day when I wake up and see him beside me.

(Okay, okay, I don't wake up and see him beside me because he gets out of bed WAY before I do, but I wake up and see him near me, because he's usually waking me up, and so it's as if he were beside me... Oh whatever, it's still romantic.)


In the car on the way to Brockton for a cake tasting

"There's a braaaaaand new hori-zon..."

"What are you saying?"

With confidence ebbing from my voice, "Brand new horizon?"

"The words are 'bad moon rising'."

"Oh. Yes, that does make more sense."



Usually I don't mind that I'm a slow reader. I love to read, and I read all the time, and it's fine with me that it takes me longer than most people to finish a book. I was always in the advanced reading groups in grade school, so I've never doubted that I'm a good reader. I'm just not a fast reader.

But last night I minded. I was so close to finishing Harry Potter, but I fell asleep. Because I couldn't finish it fast enough, and I couldn't stay up past 2am. Now I have about forty pages left. I can't wait to go home!


Dinner for 150 of my closest friends

Today we have our tasting for the wedding reception.

When we met with our DJ at a posh hotel bar I spit out a wasabi pea that Fiancé dared me to eat. That display included many exaggerated facial expressions and a few gagging noises. I'm going to try to keep my facial expressions neutral and my food in my mouth this afternoon. The wedding coordinator at the reception site doesn't seem like she'd appreciate theatrics.



Yesterday one of my favorite students came by to chat. She told me about a trip she'd taken to Seattle. Knowing my love of all things Starbucks, she made sure to mention her visit to the original store. She'd taken a picture of the Starbucks logo, before it had gone corporate.

S: "Want me to show you? I have it here on my camera. The mermaid has boobs!"

Me: "What mermaid?"

S: "The one on the original logo!"

Me: "What's on the current logo?"

S: "A mermaid without boobs!"

Me: "Seriously?"

S: "Don't you drink Starbucks every day?"

Me: "I guess I never really looked at the logo."

So I pulled my Starbucks cup out of the trash and sure enough, it's got a mermaid logo. Then S showed me the photo in her digital camera, and sure enough the original mermaid logo had boobs.

Me: "Wow."

S: "I know. How cool is Seattle???"

Me: "Very cool, I guess. Racy cool."

S: "They also have a space needle - want to see a picture of that?"

Me: "Nah, the space needle's boring. Show me the boob mermaid again. This is kinda like finding out you're adopted and your real mom was a stripper."


Man vs the natural order of things

Last night I got a little cocky as I was headed to pick up Mookie from the airport. I know how to get to 90 East from our place, and 90 East takes you to Logan. But it was rush hour and traffic along that familiar route was annoying. So I decided to try a new route. If you're from Boston and you're reading this, you're probably laughing. Fair enough.

I headed toward a different junction that I knew lead to 93 and at least one direction of 90. I wasn't positive that it lead to 90 East, but I believed I could figure it out as I went along. If it didn't lead to 90 East, I could probably figure out how to get to the airport from 93 South. Unless I was too far past the exit I needed, in which case I would need 93 North. Never mind - how hard can it be? I'll be able to wing it.

In the end I saved a few minutes getting to that junction versus the tried and true one, but paid the price in a forty minute detour thereafter.

The funny thing is, all week I've been watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. And I always get angry when the scientists or conservationists seem to have more confidence in themselves than I think man should ever have when dealing with sharks. Or anything involving nature, for that matter. Why would anyone think they are capable of predicting shark behavior? Standing or swimming in shark-infested water without protective gear is suicidal. Or, if the investigator is lacking in suicidal tendency, then just plain STUPID. It has little to do with instinct or intelligence - neither gives you ample understanding of the behaviors and whims of a prehistoric predator.

As I was in the car bemoaning my unexpected (and far more complicated than anticipated) detour, I couldn't help but recognize the comparison. Driving in Boston is a beast I will never truly be able to predict or control. Why take unnecessary chances? Stay on the boat and watch with the camera, lest you come out of the ordeal with fewer limbs.