Allow me to introduce...

Piper Collins, born Monday June 14th at 5:24pm, 6 lbs 7 oz, 20 inches

Piper is home, healthy, and doing great. More pictures and details to follow :)


A happier day

Better day:  lunch with friends, swimming at gym, a few errands and some final final nursery prep.  Now Hero's desperate for me to come out of the study so a quick post  :)  Little guy whimpering is too much to ignore.


Can't put my finger on it, but...

Well, I'm officially done with my tenure in the office - Monday's my first day sans commute! Friday was my last day on site and then I packed up my stuff and got set up at home! I'm very excited!

Especially because (notice the time stamp on this post) I'm experiencing a dramatic change in comfort level. As in, I'm no longer comfortable. I can't even put my finger on it, but I'm tweaky and agitated. I'm nauseous and feel a little flu-ish. My belly (and back) alternately hurts and contracts and my ankles are swollen. I can't sleep. :( I'm due in 6 days and I've finally hit the point where I'm feeling limited. Like, can't keep going the way I have been. Can't keep moving as fast, don't want to bend over, don't want to run errands all day, would rather not be expected to carry on as a functioning, productive human being.

Not sure what any of this means or doesn't mean. But I'm certainly glad I don't have to get up, showered, and dressed for work come Monday morning.

Tomorrow we have some more final decorating pieces to finish in the nursery but mostly it's all done and ready. The hospital bags are (mostly) packed. The plans are (mostly) in order. We have lunch plans with friends and will likely go swimming and other than that hopefully will spend the day watching Heroes on the movie-tron. The problem is the little things that will interrupt the rest - grocery shopping, laundry, a last minute Office Depot run.

Friday night we had late dinner with the in-laws to celebrate a birthday and Father's Day. Today we had thought we'd have an open schedule but ended up running around doing errands and going to pick up a grill (which took hours). So I was very sad that my relaxing weekend so far has not been that at all. I'm really pinning my hopes on a nice calm Sunday.

And a mandatory hospital stay where all I can do is focus on ME and this baby.


All hyped up and no place to go

Oh my goodness I am brimming with energy.  I can't seem to stop or slow down.  I feel like I could really use a sedative right about now.  My bedtime routine is all out of wack, and yet I still pop out of bed in the morning ready to go.  Although now that I'm at work I'm feeling just the littlest bit sleepy...
Tonight we go see our friends D and A's new baby boy!  I can't wait!


A new era

Okay, now I am really getting excited about the fact that as of Friday I will no longer be commuting to work!  I can't wait to sit in our sunny office with my Starbucks in my comfy pants - sans uncomfy shoes - and just *relax* while I go about my day.  I mean, work will still be work, but it'll be much less hectic.  Today at Target I bought a bunch of Ziploc bags on sale and didn't realize until I got home that I won't really need Ziploc bags anymore!  No more packed lunches!!!  I can just go down to the kitchen and grab whatever I want whenever I want!  I can pee in the privacy of my very own bathroom!  I can pump in the privacy of my very own... well, wherever I choose to pump! 
After our insane weekend I'm finally calming down.  Things are almost done now.  Friday my work set-up comes home with me and it's done.  Well, okay, hours of IT troubleshooting and technical difficulties could potentially follow before all systems are a go for Monday morning, but after all that, it's done.  *Sigh*
The giant letter for the baby's first name is painted and ready to get hung up on the wall, our final step to completing the nursery.  All of the baby's clothes are washed and folded and organized in her drawers or hung up in her closet.  Her pediatrician is picked and the papework is in a folder ready to go to the hospital with us.  My bag is mostly packed, and sitting waiting in my closet. 
Not a contraction to speak of.  No water leaking or gushing out of anywhere.  Change is not in the air - at least not yet.  So we wait.  Which is fine with me - I need a few days to put my feet up :)  And I'd really like to make the transition to the home office before all hell breaks loose.  I will be sad if something happens before Friday.  But once my trunk is full of company property and the final transition has been made, bring it on!
(I know, I know, I'm still not quite getting that nothing in my life anymore is dictated by my preferences or time table...)


Back to status quo

Don't get me wrong here, I'm *thrilled* to be working from home starting... gulp... next Monday!  But this past weekend, when I'd thought all we had to do was put some finishing touches on the nursery and pack our hospital bags, ended up involving a full remodel of the home office.  Thank goodness for Hubs, who was superman this weekend - in both patience levels and task completion.  I can breathe again, we're back to only finish touches in all our household projects :)  But boy oh boy, do I need to sleep for 1,000 years!

Despite the fact that I'll miss my coworkers horribly, I'm so grateful to soon lose the commute and gain some precious hours back in my life.  And our home office is so sunny and bright!!!

We had another weekly check in at the OB's this morning - nothing new to report.