Puzzle pieces

New gym with pool we love to soothe aching cankles: check
Requisite 25 pound weight gain: almost check (1 more pound to go.... then... enough already! Can't take any more!)
Weekly OB visits: check, please stop looking at my cervix - it hurts
Nursery almost complete: check
Mom back in country after a month in Germany: check, delivery is an option now
Pack 'n Play set up as crib in bedroom for first few weeks: check
Naughty dog adjusting to presence of Pack 'n Play: check, surprisingly uninterested?
Coveted work from home slot secured: check!!! Bye bye commute! And dress clothes! And showering!

Almost ready now :)


What a difference a week makes

I'm definitely feeling like we're close(r) to being ready for this baby now. Whew. I was getting worried there for a minute (if you couldn't tell). But it's like suddenly things are coming together and falling into place and we've made great headway on the nursery and have most of what we need. And.. .knock on wood... have a relatively open weekend to tie up loose ends - something that's very hard to come by in the McHousehold.

Hubs took yesterday off work and did a lot to get us moving in this positive direction. I also hit Babies R Us on my way into the office today and that didn't hurt either.

Yesterday our friends went into the hospital for a c-section for their second child and both mom and baby are happy, healthy and doing well. Hubs is going to see them tonight while I'm stuck at work. I wanted to go see them too, but I'm sure this or next week we'll have the chance to bring them dinner and visit their newest addition.

We had our 'friends' baby shower on Sunday - finally a couples one! I think I mentioned in a previous post that we'd just found out the hosts of our shower are pregnant as well! We're so excited for them. I already gave A a bunch of my dresses (maternity and some not) to help expand her 'suddenly none of my clothes fit' wardrobe. I'm looking forward to handing down the rest of my maternity clothes soon...

Clearly, I'm on baby overload :)

So life goes on and things just continue to unfold. It's weird to think that the next set of baby pictures going out through mass email among the friends will be ours!


Wishful thinking?

Starting our 35th week, I think? A glimmer of hope that I won't be pregnant forever! Of course, that glimmer of hope is combined with a massive increase in levels of discomfort. Suddenly, I'm all sorts of swollen and fat! Wha????? Now I see why people complain about the last trimester. I suppose I should count myself lucky that I only have to complain about the last month of the last trimester, but still...

Now the big question is, will I go early, late, or right on time? Because everyone I talk to (and remember, I talk to people all day long for my work) has a different tale to tell. My hospital bag is not yet packed, am I tempting fate? Or is it ridiculous to think Miss Mini Mac could arrive any day? I don't feel like she's all that ready to vacate the premises, but I suppose you never know.

I'm at work for another hour or so, and then we've got plans to tie up loose nursery ends over the course of the afternoon. Hero's at day camp, so we'll have some peace and quiet to actually make some headway. I can't wait to get that room in order!

In other big news (well, this topic is always big news for me), I'm thinking of switching my gym to a much cheaper option that also has a pool with a much more reasonable schedule. Right now my swim options are more limited than I'm comfortable with. Plus I have two friends that go to this other gym... but I have two that go to my current gym. Hmmm...

I know, if you're a parent you're probably laughing that I think I can even get to my gym once we have the little darlin' in the house. But I work with people around nutrition and fitness for a living. I don't have much choice - I have to walk the walk. Although I have been wondering about getting a WiiFit to workout more at home.

We just found out last night another couple we're good friends with is expecting! How fun! Our kids won't be too far apart. And I can hand down my maternity clothes soon! (I know, if you're a parent you're probably laughing that I think I can even get rid of my maternity clothes that soon after the baby's born.) We're very excited for them, although they're at the 10 week mark and poor A is suffering from morning sickness. I remember those days... If I can't yet hand down my maternity clothes maybe at the very least I can hand down my Zofran :)

15 more minutes at work and then out into the sunshine!

Happy Saturday!


A light at the end of the tunnel

A metaphorical light, and also a real one - shining from the sky? What's that big round happy ball of yellow goodness up there? I haven't seen it in so long I can't rememeber...

It's Friday! The sun is actually finally shining in Minnesota!!! I have Starbucks, and it's treat day at work so I also have two muffins! And I get to leave an hour early today, so I'm clockin' out at 3pm :)

Things are looking up a little.

Now if only the nursery were finished...


A little better now

Okay, it's almost Friday. I worked late, which means I get to leave early tomorrow. I met a friend for Thai food and my belly is full and my soul is a little bit soothed. I'm recording Grey's Anatomy and about to take a nice hot bath in some bath salts a coworker made for my baby shower that are supposed to help with swelling or bloating. After my bath, I'm going to crawl into bed with my feet elevated and resting on a heating pad and watch my favorite (and only really) tv show.

Life is hard sometimes, but tonight is finally a few moments of easy.


No one's gonna do it for you

5 Things I Didn't Know about Pregnancy:  My thoughts and advice for anyone who wants it
  • At about 35 weeks, your ligaments might start to stretch as the baby descends further into your pelvis.  This, and not just overall pregnancy weight gain, is what often causes pregnant women to appear to waddle.  UNBELIEVABLE PAIN - not chub, it turns out - is the culprit!  My OB told me gently, "These are what they call the aches and pains of pregnancy."  Yeah, I'd kinda thought that after my award winning morning sickness, I would just avoid those.  I've skated along since trimester one.  But with 5 weeks to go, my luck is apparently running low...
  • Having a baby, and having your family be excited about your having a baby, can be the #1 cause of overwhelming stress in your pregnancy.  And life.  Positive stress?  If I'm not being totally self-pitying, yes.  The fact that so many people are lined up and ready to love and spoil this little princess rotten is incredibly good fortune for her and for us.  But it doesn't mean it's always easy to navigate everyone else's opinions and expectations about your baby.  With the operative word being "your."
  • No one really cuts you a break just because you're pregnant.  You still have to work.  Hard.  And cook and clean.  And walk the dog.  And attend to your church/community obligations.  And make and keep plans with friends and family no matter how exhausted you are or how swollen your cankles.  That being said, notice I said "no one cuts you a break."  That doesn't mean breaks can't be cut.  That means you're your only advocate, so speak up and assert your limits or spend the better part of ten months being disappointed by other people's lack of understanding about how hard it really truly is to bring another life into the world. 
  • You will probably at some point be weirded out by your body, your baby, or both.  For example, when her limbs stick out and she moves beneath your skin like an alien.  Or when the doc checks your cervix and tells you that she can feel the baby's head with her fingers
  • I don't have a 5th thing right now.  We had some family drama and were up late last night, and now have very busy rest-of-the-week through the weekend.  So if you couldn't tell from my first four thoughts, I'm tired, a little cranky, and in need of a break that I'm not assertive enough to take!!!!!