All's well that ends well

Two pumps were hand delivered to my door no less than 40 minutes after my pump left me high and not so dry. By a husband no less. Friends (especially friends who live close and just switched to formula) are good to have. And it was priceless to have the husband telling me "Now this is the letdown button..."


Stress is

your breast pump breaking at the end of your workday when you're really really needing to pump before a conference call.  And by the time the sh*t hits the fan you don't have time left to run down and feed your baby, who's right downstairs and could totally help you out with this.  There are so many things that hurt about this situation.


Raining cats and dogs

It's a good day to be working from home, watching the storm out the big windows in our study and not having to drive home in this mess.
But it's been really hard to hear Piper crying downstairs and not be able to go to her.  Of course, with all this thunder I can't hear her now :)  Poor little smidge is having a bit of a tough time adjusting to not having her mama around.  Now, adjusting to the bottle?  Piece of cake.  Which hurts my boobs' feelings a tiny bit!  I worry soon she won't want to nurse at all :(  I hope not, but she impatient enough that it just could be the case...


Appreciating conveniences

Thank goodness for hands-free pumping bras, is all I have to say.
Multitasking at its best.



Made it through my first day back to work (well, working from home).
Only cried once. Feel like have survived war. Need lots of Piper
snuggles and a bubble bath.


Always playing catch-up

Where to begin? The problem with being a bad poster is that then, once you do finally get around to posting, you have no idea where to start.

Piper is two months old on Monday! HOW? She's doing great, smiling more and more every day and becoming more interactive and alert. She's amazing.

I start back to work on Monday. There's a lot going on with work, and some big potential developments there but I'll say more if and when I have something to say.

One thing I can say with certainty: I should have taken 3 months off.

Too late now.

But B comes in on Sunday, and will take care of Piper this week. Then my mom comes the following Sunday for a month. Then my sis C for another week, and then Hubs is taking a week's vacation to be with Piper. So she'll be at least 3.5 months before she goes to her two days of daycare a week. God, daycare. I can't imagine it. That will be another difficult transition, even though I love our daycare provider and it's only two days.

On Saturday our friends have decided the whole group needs an adult night out, no kids. This, once we finally have a kid and no babysitter in sight as my MIL is out of town and I'm not about to leave her with someone who isn't family - yet. So Hubs will represent. But it's too bad - I could probably use an adult night out!!!

I'm sure there's a lot more to say, but I'm too tired to think of it right now :)