Underpants gnome

If you have a dog, this may not be an altogether unfamiliar scene: stolen underpants, naughty pup hidden behind desk, watching you watching him - a standoff.


Turkey, etc.

We had a great Thanksgiving with Hubs' family. In total I think there were 30 of us there, and this year is the first year I can tell all of Hubs' cousins' kids apart! There are about eight to ten that all look very similar to me. I've gone to enough family functions by now that I can match the faces to the names. It was an early fall baby shower that gave me the final advantage I needed.

The food was good and the company was really fun. It was relaxed but still a more formal family event - a nice balance. My favorite part was when little five year old Sammy creamed all the adults at Wii boxing. When he'd knock someone out, he'd say, "Oooooo, that's GOTS to hurt!"

On Friday I skipped the shopping frenzy and went and got my hair done. It's a little piecey (the highlights are chunkier than is my typical style) but it's fun for a change. And as I mentioned before, it was long overdue. Friday night we went out to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and had a romantic fireside dinner. It was perfect - the restaurant was very quiet and cozy. Today we ran errands: a little shopping for me, booties for Hero, Christmas lights for the house, and oil changes for the cars.

All in all, a nice holiday weekend. I'm glad it's not over yet :)


Short and sweet!

I'm so glad this week is a short one - I worked six days last week so I'm exhausted and the thought of being back at work is heartbreaking after such a short weekend. :(

BUT, this week is only three work days long and Wednesday is half taken up with Thanksgiving potlucks! Today is a packed day, but the rest of the week should fly by!

And on Friday I'm finally getting my hair done again - long overdue, trust me.


Double whammy

Flu shot in each arm.


Good for the environment, good for Elle Charlie

The verdict? Carpooling is really fun!!!

My coworker A has heated seats - all in all, success! :)


Is this thing on?

I've been horrible about posting, even though I've promised again and again I'd get better. But I'm still not giving up (even though by now maybe I should).

So I'm just going to go on as if nothing (like, for instance, a one month + hiatus) has happened.

Tomorrow is the first day I carpool with a coworker who lives nearby. I'm nervous! I hate the commute to work, but I'm used to it by now, and I'm certainly used to driving on my own. Given that I spend my entire day talking to people, I value the alone time even if I'd prefer not to spend it in traffic. So it'll be an adjustment - albeit probably a good one - to suddenly be spending my quiet time with another person.

Hubs left town this evening for an overnight work trip. I hate it when he's away, although this trip will be really short. Right now Hero is waiting for Hubs downstairs, perched on the couch in the sitting room staring out the window. It's so sad. He probably won't give up and come up to bed for another couple of hours.

On a random note, I'm super excited for Christmas. The local light radio station just started playing Christmas music 24/7, and I'm actually happy about it :)