I have a cold, a zit, and Fiancé and I just sent some emails back and forth that inadvertently went out to an entire professional listserve.

I'm appealing to the universe here: please stop.


A bride unveiled

On Monday I had a trial run of the body bronzing treatment I'm getting done at a nearby spa the week before the wedding. As I was walking home from the spa, getting bronzer by the moment, it occurred to me just how often I'm naked in front of people I don't know. It's kind of a lot when you consider bronzes, waxing, dress alterations, massages, dermatologists. The price of being high maintenance. I wondered if men are naked around strangers that often. Fiancé says they are not. He seemed pretty clear on that point.


Beauty doesn't worry

A couple of months ago my dermatologist told me that if I didn't stop furrowing my brow I would need botox before I hit my mid-thirties. Which really only made me furrow my brow even more. Since then, I've tried to do it less, but it's really a very natural facial expression for me. It's a combination of thinking and stressing, which are two things I do almost constantly. Today a coworker pointed out to me that if I don't stop furrowing my brow my face will get stuck that way.

I kind of wish people would stop telling me these things.


Don't let the door hit cha

Our secretary at the CHW has given her notice. Two weeks. Not overly generous, but fair. The shady part is that now that she's turned in her two week notice, she keeps calling out sick. Like for 3 of the last 10 days she'll be working with us. This causes chaos for everyone, and just more work for me because I'm occasionally called on to man the front desk (where I don't know who needs to fill out which forms or how to remove anyone's health hold, so the students don't particularly like having me out there either). I just think it's kind of crappy to call out sick when you've already given your notice. She could genuinely be sick, but in the three months she's worked here she's been sick an awful lot.


The one two jump

When my sister had her second child the workload more than doubled from the first - it quadrupled. Similarly, when I had only a major work event to organize, or just my wedding to pull off, it was way simpler than the two combining. I am a walking spreadsheet of tasks.

That being said, 16 days to go! Yay!!!!!