Get with the program!

My evenings this week have included many things: a social, an evening with friends, a shopping trip and dinner at Wagamama, tonight the Sex & the City movie (yay!). Missing something? Yeah, I am. Missing the chunk of time where I should have been hard at work revamping my resume!!!

Nice weather makes me want to socialize more than it makes me want to focus.


Patiently waiting



Say what you need to say

For the past few weeks I've been meeting with E. Mostly because I expected this transition to be a bit more traumatic and I figured I'd need the support. Whether I actually have ended up needing it or not is kind of irrelevant at this point. I have it, and my therapy sessions have proven to remind me of the power of words and a safe space in which to share them with another human being. There isn't a lot to talk about, but E and I have known each other for a while and I've found I can say anything to her between those four walls. The existence of a room like that in life is rare. I'm grateful to E for so carefully constructing ours.


Zapped that

We went to see friends A and J last Friday night and J suggested I check out Zappos in my search for Converse (which I can never find in the size or color I want). A and J have a cute as can be 4 year old and the happiest, most smiley one year old you could ever imagine - baby Z. Baby Z is adorable, chubby in all the good baby ways you'd want to be chubby, and the mentally healthiest creature I've ever laid eyes on. If I could bottle his disposition I'd make a fortune.

Anyway... back to the sneakers. Zappos offers free shipping and returns, and while they didn't have the exact color of Converse I want most in the world (brick red), they did have my second choice (chocolate)! So I ordered them yesterday. And... THEY ARRIVED ALREADY!!! √úberspeed not necessary but certainly appreciated!


Looking back

On Spectacle Island with Boston behind me. Kind of symbolic.


Stealth nurse sets the standard

Yesterday morning I went in to have blood drawn. The phlebotomist was fast (and gave me a bugs bunny bandaid, who can complain?) but she didn't have the steadiest hand and seemed to move the needle around a bit once she was already in. Now I have a big blue patch where it looks like my vein exploded. It hurts A LOT. As I was coming into my office today and fiddling with my keys in the lock, all my bags slid down my shoulder and landed to rest in the crook of my arm and I thought I was going to pass out.

I've always had a hard time with phlebotomists because my mom used to draw my blood and then just bring it into the lab, and she's wicked wielding a needle. She'd wake me up first thing in the morning with tourniquet and vials in hand and she'd be out of my bedroom again before I even knew what hit me. Barely a tiny pin prick mark remained to prove that she'd been there at all.

Now, in fairness, if a phlebotomist caught me before I was even awake I'd probably have a more positive experience with them. You can't anticipate it when you don't know it's coming, and knowing is where most of the discomfort stems from.


Hitting hard

We just received some news that's overwhelmingly sad, but I can't really say much about it. It involves a couple close to us. They're getting a divorce. I can't even wrap my mind around it. I feel like we're walking around like zombies, in a state of disbelief.


Little break

We're off to New Jersey to see my parents for the long weekend. The weather should be gorgeous, and hopefully the neighbors will have their heated pool ready to go!


There's no place like...


A corner of our backyard, complete with jungle gym.

I can't show you any pictures of the inside, because the listing went off line because THE HOUSE IS SOLD! To us! So it's a good thing, really :)

I can't believe how fast everything is happening. Husband received his job offer on April 30th. It hasn't even been a month! But it's all great stuff. We're very happy.

For the first time in my life I need to learn to garden (as you can see, the front lawn and the flower beds around the house could use a bit of TLC) - I foresee Minneapolis as being a land of hobbies for yours truly. We have to fill the place with furniture, so shopping for that will be a huge project. And decorating should allow my creative side to shine through in a way it's been too lazy to when I've rented. I'm so excited to be moving someplace we'll be settling. I've begun looking into German classes (my German defines 'rusty') and checking out the local library system and gym options. I can finally put down roots!


Another prom night horror story

Last night we went to happy hour. It was fun - we were at McCormick & Schmick's and the prom was taking place at the Park Plaza right next door, so we had front row window seats as the hummer limos and giant party buses pulled up and the awkward, beautifully dressed high schoolers piled out. Then the principal and his posse would stick their head in every vehicle, doing a quick visual sweep for empty containers.

The down side was sitting directly across the table from me. Husband's colleague's boyfriend. He's insufferable. He's such a know-it-all, and she (who is funny, witty, quirky, and fabulous) looks to him as if he's a knowledge god. I think 99% of what comes out of his mouth is complete crap. Among other things, he gave us a lengthy description of what type of shrimp we were having, where it came from, and how to tell if it's inedible or spoiled. He just starts talking and won't shut up. Who the hell cares, to that level of detail, what kind of shrimp we're eating? No one asked!

He even went so far as to tell us who designed some of the girls' prom dresses and how much they probably cost. Which was freaky. Pedophile much? No straight guy (unless working in the fashion industry or Macy's juniors department) should have intimate knowledge of teen formal wear. It's creepy, smarty pants. Just plain creepy.


Heaven scent

I came in this morning to an office that smelled like heaven - my colleague E put some white lilacs on my desk and shut my door, so the whole room was floral scented by the time I rolled out of bed and made it down the street to work.

My mom's favorite flowers are lilacs, so of course they're mine too. When I was little we used to hop the fence into our neighbor's backyard and clip lilacs from his lilac bushes to surprise her. He gave us permission, but it still always felt like we were being sneaky.

Yesterday for our retreat we spent the entire day on Spectacle and George's Islands. The islands are about 5 miles from the city, but you feel like you're worlds away. We saw unique birds and bugs, had a picnic lunch, rode the ferry, and lay on benches in the sun. I came home tired but calm, pink-cheeked from all the fresh air.


Don't forget to read the card

My birthday came and went - as has been the case for the past several years, I was too consumed with all our other life excitement to have much energy left over for it. But Husband gave me some lovely gifts, and we spent the day furniture shopping. We didn't buy anything, but wanted to begin the process of imagining our new home and how we'll decorate it.

(By the way, we had our home inspection today and only one or two minor issues were raised, easily fixed! Yay! We're closing June 20th!)

The nicest part of my birthday was hands down the cards I received from Husband. It's funny, I can't imagine life without him by my side, even though we've only been married 5+ months. His words echoed what's in my heart: that we're lucky, that our life together is so wonderful, and that the best is without a doubt yet to come :)


Thou shallt not

On Sunday our priest gave a sermon challenging us to stop complaining for one week. Instead of being negative, she asked us to spew positivity into the world, let it roll off our tongues.

This week has been a tough one work wise, and so you might imagine how successful I've been.

I have three days left to turn the situation around, but at this point it's like if you gave up candy for lent, slipped and have nothing but the ears of your chocolate Easter bunny left and decide to be virtuous by not finishing him off.


Called it!

My friend P is having a girl - they just found out! P, I can't imagine it any other way! I predicted a girl, although clearly this isn't at all about me or my psychic skills. It's about P, her newest (and most exciting) life journey, and all things pink.


Out of time, kitten

What's this? Something from the RMV!? A coupon, or a birthday acknowledgment? I'll give you a hint: the RMV didn't send me a gift, or even a card, for my upcoming birthday on Saturday. Instead, they sent me a notice. Turns out my driver's license, new since my name change in January 2008, is EXPIRED?!?!? Less than 5 months later?

What a crock, Massachusetts. What a money grubbing birthday crock.

You'll be getting my middle finger in the rear view on our way out of town.


Five years later...

I just handed in my official letter of resignation to my boss, with my last day of work being June 17th.

We're both very sad.


Details, details

So, our house:

It's nine years old, with a brand new roof due to a hail storm that happened in 2005. It's a 4 bedroom, 4 bath, with an eat-in kitchen that opens up to a great room with a fireplace, a formal dining room, a study, and a 1/2 bath on the main level. The master bedroom has huge windows, a walk-in closet plus an additional closet, and a master bath complete with separate whirlpool tub and shower. Upstairs along with the master bedroom there is also a little boy's room, a little girl's room, and a full bath. Downstairs is an enormous finished basement (perfect for guests because it also has a bedroom, kitchenette, and 3/4 bath). The house has a great backyard with solid wood fence (including jungle gym), and a bike trail that runs directly behind the house.

The neighborhood is fantastic, and it's walking distance to a park and playing fields. It's a five minute drive to Cub Foods and an awesome gym, a ten minute drive to Trader Joe's, close to family, and about 1/2 block away from Husband's best friend (whose wife is a pediatrician, how handy will that be in the future?).

We fell in love with this house immediately - it has an amazing vibe, and from the moment we walked in the door is was just quite simply home.


A place in the world

Our weekend trip to Minnesota was a whirlwind, but great things have come of it. Our offer on a house was just accepted! We have a fabulous new home!

So, so happy!


Inefficient but effective

This week has been a weird one. I've spent most of it curled up on the couch too nauseous to move, or in bed too conked out to be stirred to consciousness. Less anxiety? Sure! I'm too sick and tired to be anxious! Point, anxiety meds.



Some of Husband's artwork got accepted into a juried art show - he's one of only 34 artists from the US, Sweden, and Ireland whose work will be represented, so it's quite an honor! I'm very proud of him.


Cosmetic bright side of an allergic reaction

This weekend we're flying to Minneapolis to house hunt. Fun! We used to get our tickets. We leave Saturday morning at 7am, and then fly back Tuesday morning at (ICK) 6am.

Sadly, I have to go back to my doctor this afternoon. Turns out my suggested solution to my anxiety problem made me so nauseous I could barely move last night, and this morning I woke up glassy-eyed with swollen cheeks and lips. NOT HAPPY. Or calm. NOT CALM.

But on the plus side, I look like I've had collagen treatments :)


Bye bye Boston

Last week Husband received an offer from the university he's been interviewing with in Minnesota. It's a great job, at a terrific small private university with a unique culture. He's in the final stage of negotiation, and has accepted. We're very excited, but suddenly the clock is ticking and there's a lot to be done.

New jobs, relocation, buying a house... anxiety, anxiety, and more anxiety. I had an appointment with my physician at 8am this morning and was able to communicate to him my desperate desire to be more appropriately sedated. Given that I was waiting outside the doors to the medical office with my nose pressed against the glass at 7:40am, he heard me loud and clear - so I'm off to CVS to pick up some sanity.


Ask and you shall receive

Chicken Word Game is actually called Fowl Words. Use this information responsibly - it's addictive!