Wow, what a lovely ?????????

Fiancé and I got a gift from a colleague of mine who can't make it to the wedding. We can only identify the proper use for part of the gift - the other part has us a bit baffled. This colleague has very sophisticated taste, so I know that whatever these things are (they're like giant ceramic keys only instead of being key-shaped at the bottom they're pointy, but it's a thick, blunt point) they're something we ought to know about. Fiancé thinks they are used to label pieces of cake (chocolate, vanilla, mine, Bernie's) but I'm not sure a piece of cake would hold them upright - they're kind of heavy. We did some internet research but couldn't come up with an answer. I applaud her for giving us a present and a teachable moment all in one box.


Son of a...

I just went swimming over my lunch hour a day after receiving my flu shot straight to the deltoid. A smarter person could have predicted that was gonna hurt.


The music won't play itself

Our DJ is bailing on us less than a month before the wedding. This is almost funny to me in how completely unfunny it is. He's offering a replacement, but it's still ridiculous to change the plans this late in the game. I'm starting to understand why women become bridezillas. I'm tempted to go psycho bride just to teach him a lesson. But the wedding has worn me down so much I'm not sure I could muster the energy to kick his ass.


Unbrave new world

Last night at around 2am someone lit off fireworks downtown. 2am is when the bars close, so this is not entirely surprising. But it scared me half to death. Fiancé is in Vegas this weekend with his best friend so I'm home alone. But it wasn't being home alone that put me so on edge. It was that I could hear the explosion, and feel it, but I didn't know what it was. It's the post 9-11 response - textbook overreaction and fear coupled with the assumption that whatever was happening constituted an immediate threat to my personal safety.

It really is different now. The unexpected used to be fun.


Oh my, starry eyed surprise

I totally forgot to mention, I saw Manny Ramirez at the movies on Monday night!


Guess what?

A colleague of mine called today to talk business, but in the process mentioned that he (a bachelor as of last spring) is now engaged with a baby on the way. Life can change so fast. I don't know why his news makes me so happy, but it does. You never know what's around the corner. And it's refreshing to be reminded that sometimes what's around the corner is really good.


Volumes happening, nothing to say

Lately for some reason I have nothing to say. I haven't posted in so long because I've been busy, but also because I have nothing to tell anyone. So I figured rather than posting nothing I'd just write a post about having nothing to post. But since I have nothing to post, there isn't much to write other than what I just wrote.

Oh well. Had to give it a shot.


Wicked good

Last night after a lovely dinner at Troquet Fiancé surprised me with tickets to Wicked. It was fabulous! I don't think I've ever enjoyed a musical more. I hated the book, but the show is amazing. If you live in Boston, I strongly suggest you catch it before it leaves town.


Back to reality, almost

Tuesday I got back from a long weekend at the spa with my sis and mom in Austin, where it was over ninety degrees every day. We spent our time lounging by the three-tiered infinity pool, going down the water slide, or soaking in the hot tub, depending on our mood. And we ate. We lounged and we ate.

Today as I was getting my dress fitted I looked down and noticed the scrape on my hip that resulted from going down the water slide head first (the slide had notches where its sections connected, and my hip bone sticks out just enough to catch on them) and had to smile. I'm a little bit sun kissed and looking in the mirror reminds me of how much fun we had, just us gals.


Toxic Poison

Last night Fiancé and I spent the evening at a barbeque with his colleagues. Toward the end of the night we all got sucked into watching the season finale of Rock of Love, the reality television show that's like The Bachelor only instead of a young, handsome single man the prize catch is Poison's own Brett Michaels. You can imagine the classy contestants. It's awesome! After several weeks and just as many gloriously trashy eliminations, Brett's decision came down to a stripper and another woman who actually wasn't half bad. Brett chose the other woman. Which made us sad for the other woman, because she got... well... Brett Michaels. But happy because the stripper was a skanky b*tch.

The wierdest thing is that our colleagues are well-educated, interesting people. But we were all hooked, and none of us was new to the saga. Which means we've all spent at least one afternoon glued to the couch watching reruns on VH1. Fiancé's boss was the only one who was appropriately disgusted. I'm not sure he looks at us the same anymore. Which is too bad. Because normally we have very good judgment. Every rose has its thorn, I guess. Poison is so wise.