Summing it up

Line from the movie Jerry McGuire "I'm pregnant and incable of bullshit". 
Yeah, I think I am approaching that point.  Sadly, we've just started the third trimester.


Sick as a dog

Hero got loose on Sunday.  He was 'missing' for about 15 minutes.  During that time, turns out he was in the garage.  I eventually found him there, tail-deep in his 40 lb bag of dog food that had been stored on a low shelf (rookie mistake on our part). 
He spent most of Sunday throwing up and pooping (the throwing up happened inside, but thankfully none of the pooping did) and repositioning himself from corner to corner in the various rooms of the house groaning in misery and staring at us with sad eyes and a mopey face. 
Hubs repeatedly asked him, "You know which bed you're sleeping in, right?"  The one you made.
He's better today, for which I'm very thankful.  It was horrible to see him so sick, even if he did bring it on himself entirely.  Our little glutton.