Wow, what a lovely ?????????

Fiancé and I got a gift from a colleague of mine who can't make it to the wedding. We can only identify the proper use for part of the gift - the other part has us a bit baffled. This colleague has very sophisticated taste, so I know that whatever these things are (they're like giant ceramic keys only instead of being key-shaped at the bottom they're pointy, but it's a thick, blunt point) they're something we ought to know about. Fiancé thinks they are used to label pieces of cake (chocolate, vanilla, mine, Bernie's) but I'm not sure a piece of cake would hold them upright - they're kind of heavy. We did some internet research but couldn't come up with an answer. I applaud her for giving us a present and a teachable moment all in one box.



Scotty said...

Now you have me curious.. post pic :)

6:46 PM
Bob said...

hmmm...sounds like something you should use for gardening...I'm guessing they are planters/signs...for poking holes into the soil for seeds, then using the same for indicating what is planted in that row...I've seen things like that. Do/will you have a garden?---bob

8:45 AM
Anonymous said...

Could they be bookmarks?

8:56 PM