Summing it up

Line from the movie Jerry McGuire "I'm pregnant and incable of bullshit". 
Yeah, I think I am approaching that point.  Sadly, we've just started the third trimester.



Crys :D said...

haaahahahahahahaha... we've just determined in my cake decorating class that nobody wants to mess with a pregnant lady, and so pregnant women get a free pass on a lot of things - free containers at the bulk store, extra help in class, better customer service. soak it up while you can :)

10:16 AM
Laura said...

Okay....I've been absent, and am now catching up. You're pregnant? How wonderful! And a June baby. The best time of year to be off from work. Congratulations!

9:38 AM
Crys :D said...

no no no no no no no no no i'm not pregnant, the woman in my cake decorating class is pregnant. i had to pay full price for the containers. :)

10:00 PM