Smoking out a little scoundrel

I just ate an orange out of the fridge at work, and now that the deed is done, I'm starting to wonder if it was my orange that I just ate. Naughty. I hate it when people eat my food out of the fridge. That being said, stealing some stuff is more forgivable than stealing other stuff. For example, bread is only a minor offense. Even if someone takes a few pieces there's usually still plenty left, and it's easy to get at the convenience store on the corner. Same with peanut butter (although this is a little more annoying), jelly, milk, granola bars, etc. But swiping fruit is unforgivable. You just shouldn't eat other people's fruit. Fruit is hard to remember to bring in, and difficult to transport. And not replacable locally in downtown Boston. At least, not replacable at the same quality level.

The orange was a really good one, which makes me think that maybe it was mine after all. Not that my oranges are always good, but I usually get them at Wholefoods, which guarantees a certain something (namely jacked up prices and faux organic labling, but on the plus side yumminess).

The thing about eating someone else's orange is that everyone else can smell it. So if it's not yours, you usually get questioned by whomever's it was. So far no one has lobbied any complaints. I guess I'll just have to wait. For that, and for the parking garage around the corner to find out I tried to scam them out of money last weekend. Hopefully no one will catch on to me and my dirty little tricks. I better learn to fly straight. Waiting around for the ax to fall is brutal.