You say tomato

Jack (my stepfather) and I had this IM exchange today:

LC: okay, great. i will see you on saturday!
Jack: when are you cmming home?
Jack: sat---ok good
LC: yes, saturday. in the morning is when i
LC: will leave. so i'll get home in the afternoon.
LC: and will see you then!
Jack: be carefull check you tires before you leave
Jack: also check oil
Jack: we can replace your back tire if it is still leaking air when you are home
Jack: don't speed police are out on the holidays
Jack: no cell phone that is dangerous
Jack: see you then---i am going to pay a few bills and run-----love j
LC: that is a long list of things to be careful of, check, and not do.
Jack: yes leave early

The language of love is so varied. But after twenty-two years of arguments, head-butting, and stubborn standoffs (on both sides), I can recognize it when I see it.