Stuck in a moment or stuck in rush hour traffic, depending on how you look at it

So these are the songs BF and I listened to on our drive into work this morning:

Werewolves of London (What is that song about, anyway? Werewolves, or is that a metaphor for something else? BF says metaphor, I say big furry wolfman creatures)
One (Johnny Cash version)
Ring of Fire (We got on a Johnny Cash kick after the first song)
You're Beautiful (My EC kids, in a comedy skit, called James Blunt "a big English pussy", and now that's all I can think about whenever I hear that song)
Laid again (I had control of the iPod and tend toward repeats)

There was a lot of traffic and we seemed to crawl, but when you think about it in songs, it really didn't take very long afterall.