Letting go

Not really. More like having someone pry my fingers off a ledge I'm desperately clinging to.

Today I was reduced to putting my face in my hands and whimpering inconsolably: "I'm usually SO organized!" This I swore to the woman at the bank who had to order me another debit card because I seem to have thrown out the first one they sent me for my new joint account with Fiancé. To think I worried that he'd be the weak link when it came to monitary diligence.

My life is out of control. There's been so much to do, and so much travel to throw it all off schedule. I can't even recognize the scattered, flaky person who has inhabited my body. Someone who actually has come to accept the mantra 'eh, that's probably good enough'. But with so much going on at once, good enough is just about all I can deliver.