Almost out of battery power

That's not a metaphor, my laptop is actually starting to sound the warning signal. God, I don't want to get up to get the power cord.

I'm taking a week-long intensive class out in Milton Massachusetts. I leave the apartment at 7am everyday and don't come back until after 5pm. I stay up until the early morning writing research papers. The wedding plans are in a constant state of catch-up. We were traveling last weekend. I'm still settling in at Fiancé's. We have a to-do list this weekend that has erupted into hugeness while we weren't looking.

I am so tired of doing stuff. We are always doing something. I want to go to the beach, but that's not the kind of something we're always doing.

I miss my blog :(



Anonymous said...

...and yet I'm sure that you know if you took time to go to the beach, you'd be recharging YOUR batteries and feel like "doing" more things...right?---bob

5:19 PM