A sidewalk education

On Saturday night EC had a fire evacuation. Something to do with a water pipe. So about 200 EC summer students filed out in front of EC's main building. The incident happened around 2am. This was about the same time the bars were emptying out on the downtown street the College shares with the city.

Now, our LGBT population at EC is a bit higher than at most schools. This isn't something I often consciously think about - it just seems the norm to me, since that's the environment I'm in. One of tolerance and individuality.

The number of homophobic comments our students endured while gathered on that sidewalk was appalling. First off, the number of stupid drunk assholes who wanted to enter the building to use the ATM while the fire alarm was blaring and the strobes were flashing was a bit appalling in and of itself. They got belligerent when our student staff tried to stop them FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY. And then they turned into raging, raving bigots. Oh, and one guy tried to strangle Fiancé when he put himself between the drunkard and the door to the building, blocking the guy's entrance after he'd bullied and pushed past the student staff. That was appalling too.

I guess I knew that lots of people are homophobic. I just didn't believe it. Our sweet, kind, good natured students. They were so nice to everyone involved. They were so helpful. They usually are. They're good kids. They're good people. And they're just so sweet.

I wonder how often they're faced with unprovoked attacks because of who they are and how they look, or how they talk.

People disappoint me.



Scotty said...

Sometimes people amaze me, in a disappointing way.

12:42 AM