Yesterday one of my favorite students came by to chat. She told me about a trip she'd taken to Seattle. Knowing my love of all things Starbucks, she made sure to mention her visit to the original store. She'd taken a picture of the Starbucks logo, before it had gone corporate.

S: "Want me to show you? I have it here on my camera. The mermaid has boobs!"

Me: "What mermaid?"

S: "The one on the original logo!"

Me: "What's on the current logo?"

S: "A mermaid without boobs!"

Me: "Seriously?"

S: "Don't you drink Starbucks every day?"

Me: "I guess I never really looked at the logo."

So I pulled my Starbucks cup out of the trash and sure enough, it's got a mermaid logo. Then S showed me the photo in her digital camera, and sure enough the original mermaid logo had boobs.

Me: "Wow."

S: "I know. How cool is Seattle???"

Me: "Very cool, I guess. Racy cool."

S: "They also have a space needle - want to see a picture of that?"

Me: "Nah, the space needle's boring. Show me the boob mermaid again. This is kinda like finding out you're adopted and your real mom was a stripper."



Scotty said...

I love your answer to the Space Needle! :) And... looks like you added a pic huh?

12:33 AM