Bad wrap

Tonight Fiancé's at an overnight work retreat. So what have I been doing? Housework, laundry, honeymoon research, and watching Myth Busters, Fiancé's favorite show. Not quite what I imagined I'd be doing with my precious eighteen hours of alone time. But tonight's Myth Busters was really interesting. They busted the myth "bull in a china shop" by setting up a china shop in a bullpen and letting one bull, and then many bulls, loose. The bulls navigated their way through the makeshift aisles of china with agility rivaling that of a ballerina. It was so cool! Who'd have thought that bulls are so conscientious?



Bob said...

Is it that bulls are conscientious and try to save that Spodeware or that they just don't go around looking for china to bash and would rather avoid bumping into foreign objects of unfamiliarity? I'm planning on asking the next bull I see in a china shop and question it's motives...and I love MythBusters! (Boys with toys that go BOOM!)

9:22 PM