Beauty doesn't worry

A couple of months ago my dermatologist told me that if I didn't stop furrowing my brow I would need botox before I hit my mid-thirties. Which really only made me furrow my brow even more. Since then, I've tried to do it less, but it's really a very natural facial expression for me. It's a combination of thinking and stressing, which are two things I do almost constantly. Today a coworker pointed out to me that if I don't stop furrowing my brow my face will get stuck that way.

I kind of wish people would stop telling me these things.



Bob said...

hmmm.... I know you aren't asking for advice...I would just say this- look at your mother/father-- do one of them have that same furrow?..if so, thank them for your hereditary donation...but botox??? why bother? it's YOUR furrow, it makes you who you are and after all, your own blog subtitle says..."it's a fine line".---bob

12:44 PM