A bride unveiled

On Monday I had a trial run of the body bronzing treatment I'm getting done at a nearby spa the week before the wedding. As I was walking home from the spa, getting bronzer by the moment, it occurred to me just how often I'm naked in front of people I don't know. It's kind of a lot when you consider bronzes, waxing, dress alterations, massages, dermatologists. The price of being high maintenance. I wondered if men are naked around strangers that often. Fiancé says they are not. He seemed pretty clear on that point.



Scotty said...

Ummm... not so much. Gym shower is about it for me, but even then there isnt any interaction really.

5:08 PM
Bob said...

yep...gotta agree with BF and scott.... it happens ONLY when absolutely necessary.. and then with little or no conversation.. maybe a "too windy for golf today" or "the greens sure were slow"...requiring no answer and none expected unless it's a grunting "yep"...that's as much as most guys would commit or expect---bob

11:07 PM
Crys :D said...

I just spent a weekend with five guys and they all get undressed with each other. Sure they turn their backs and avert their eyes, but it probably happens more times than they'll admit to.

And let's be fair, here. boys just aren't as pretty as girls. They don't HAVE to be hairfree and perfectly tanned, and have fitted dresses. We wouldn't be so attracted if they weren't a little bit scruffy around the edges, would we?

Congrats, by the way. Man it's coming up soon, eh?

4:25 PM
Elizabeth said...

I just stumbled on your blog while Google-ing "When you're at the end of your rope..." (don't ask) and it's great! You're welcome to check out my blog, but I'm in blog transition due to some unfortunate unwelcome visitors/comments. Good luck with your wedding! I hope you don't mind if I visit again and yes, as far as maintaining health and beauty, women are required to be naked all the damn time! As well as having strangers poke, prod, grab, and shove (not to mention rip) all of our parts, public or private.

12:34 PM