Thumbs down

If you're wondering what's up, I've been spending my evenings in bed in a Vicodin-induced stupor after a little accident at the gym requiring six stitches, a high pain threshold, and a lot of patience. It's a hard life with only nine functioning fingers.

Hubs went out the night of the incident to pick up my prescription for pain killers and buy two lottery tickets. His rationale? "It has to get better sometime, right?"

Yeah, he'd be referring to our absolute SH*T LUCK!



Anonymous said...

Oh no! That looks horrible. I hate it when I have a hurt finger - I forget how much I use a particular digit until I can't use it anymore! :) Get better soon!

3:36 PM
'Murgdan' said...

Ouch! Feel better soon. Those opposable thumbs sure do make life easier, eh?

3:58 PM
Jess said...

OWIE...THAT LOOKS PAINFUL! I was wondering what happened to you or where you were hiding...sorry to hear the reason!

Get better soon!

7:39 PM
Bina said...

Saw the picture and first thing I thought was, "Oh God. Hero bit her!"

But at the gym? What happened? Are you gonna tell us?

I'm so sorry about that. I can't imagine not having a THUMB!!!!

8:08 PM
Laura said...

Thats horrible... I am so sorry about your thumb! I hope it heals quickly! I hope you are going to tell us what happened. If it makes you feel any better I had a kidney stone this morning... that was fun.

11:36 PM
Kahla said...

Ouch! Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

1:38 PM
Crys :D said...

yikes. can you tell us what happened without using your thumb??

8:20 PM
Swishy said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You should see my face, I am like, she MUST be joking. Aww, you poor thing :)

10:06 PM
Debbi said...

SERIOUSLY!? That sux! I'm sorry about your thumb!!! :(

11:31 PM
Vanessa said...

Definite thumbs down. Swollen lymph node and now this, I think Hubs is right, it HAS to get better. Take your vicoden and heal quickly. Thank goodness Hubs is there to help you out too.

7:42 AM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

You poor thing!!! Hoping that you feel better soon and that things take a drastic turn for the better FAST!!! ((HUGS))

2:18 PM
Cat said...

Wow, that is QUITE the thumb cast you got going on there. Be careful with the pain killers, they keep you from pooping. Trust me. Make sure you compensate with lots of fruit juice or something, and feel better!

2:42 PM
DeeMarie said...

Oh honey!! I'm so sorry. Hope you're feeling better soon!!!

2:53 PM
Ines said...

u r really funny.
Is an effort for me to read u (i'm not english speaker), but it totally worth it...

get better


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7:53 PM
shopgirl said...

Awww... feel better soon. Thank goodness it wasn't Hero's fault!!

THIS - is why I don't go to the gym. Well, that and the fact that I don't like to workout.. It's all the same ; )

Take care!

9:32 PM
Bob said...

I knew it.... gyms are dangerous places and should be avoided at all costs. I had an acquaintance that played racquetball regularly, then died of a heart attack in the shower after his match. He was only 62 and was a health nut, eating only healthy things.

6:07 PM