Underpants gnome

If you have a dog, this may not be an altogether unfamiliar scene: stolen underpants, naughty pup hidden behind desk, watching you watching him - a standoff.



Anonymous said...

I used to have a roommate that had a littler Pomeranian dog and she would steal my underpants all the time!
For Christmas, the dog got me a new package of them LoL

9:38 PM
Swishy said...

Ohh, but such a cute little doggie!

9:13 AM
shopgirl said...

They are cute eh? How can we stay mad at them? I say we - because I have Sassy - who just happens to LOVE my shoes, my books, my bras, my dresser, my..... Yes, it's been a challenging (sp?) year...

9:58 PM