Turkey, etc.

We had a great Thanksgiving with Hubs' family. In total I think there were 30 of us there, and this year is the first year I can tell all of Hubs' cousins' kids apart! There are about eight to ten that all look very similar to me. I've gone to enough family functions by now that I can match the faces to the names. It was an early fall baby shower that gave me the final advantage I needed.

The food was good and the company was really fun. It was relaxed but still a more formal family event - a nice balance. My favorite part was when little five year old Sammy creamed all the adults at Wii boxing. When he'd knock someone out, he'd say, "Oooooo, that's GOTS to hurt!"

On Friday I skipped the shopping frenzy and went and got my hair done. It's a little piecey (the highlights are chunkier than is my typical style) but it's fun for a change. And as I mentioned before, it was long overdue. Friday night we went out to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and had a romantic fireside dinner. It was perfect - the restaurant was very quiet and cozy. Today we ran errands: a little shopping for me, booties for Hero, Christmas lights for the house, and oil changes for the cars.

All in all, a nice holiday weekend. I'm glad it's not over yet :)



Crys :D said...

happy thanksgiving! :)

9:48 PM