Two months to go...

I know, I know, I've been DISMAL about posting. I got so much better for a while! Okay, some quick updates:

  • Nearing final decision with daycare - yay!
  • Exciting possibilities on the work-from-home front, but still won't know anything for at least another month at the earliest :(
  • Showers start next weekend and go through mid-May - fun :)
  • Started childbirth classes every Monday night - very educational...
  • Love love love the birthing center where we'll be delivering. Complete with in-house OB and NICU (for those of us who worry).
  • Feeling great! Ankles are a little swollen, additional weight of belly is feeling a little, well, heavy. But all in all, I'm still able to be quite active and despite an overwhelming sense of fatigue I'm doing very well. My back hurts like nobody's business but I can handle it. So far. The giant exercise ball I balance on at my desk at work is saving my life.
  • Have finally embraced maternity pants. Still squeeking by in two pairs of regular pants, but my days of working those into my wardrobe rotation are numbered. And not high numbers...
  • No heartburn yet! Woohoo! By far, my least favorite of the anticipated pregnancy symptoms. Well, okay, the kankles might be my very least favorite, but I've already got those and so would seriously prefer to miss out on the heartburn if at all possible.
  • Hero's doing well - allergies almost under control, ear infection clearing up, poor little guy has some serious issues to contend with in the spring!
  • Next project on home improvement/get ready for baby list: transformation of formal sitting room into playroom! Requires installation of french doors to keep little rascal out (not the kid, the furry one...).
  • Find out in two weeks if low lying placenta has moved - cross fingers. I'd prefer not to require a c-section right out the gate. If it comes to that, so be it. But I'd rather not have it be pre-determined by my placenta.
  • And most importantly, baby update: she's moving like crazy and is doing great! I'm so excited to see her in two weeks - the one perk of the low lying placenta is that we get to have another ultrasound. I am so enamored with this kid and I haven't even met her yet. She rocks my world, literally and figuratively :)

So as you can see all is well, moving right along. I'll be posting more often now again - just had to get through a busy phase :)



Kahla said...

So glad to see an update, sounds like all is well!

3:09 PM
~Jess said...

Glad to hear that things are going well :-)

6:04 PM