Bye Bye Mommy

First day of daycare tomorrow - Piper's bag is packed, we're ready to go.  Hubs read "Bye Bye Mommy" to Piper tonight, a book about getting dropped off at daycare (I can't even read it - it's too upsetting).  I'm so sad.  I know it's not that different - I've had family caring for Piper but I've been back to work for six weeks.  Still, I've been home and she's been home.  Tomorrow I'll be home and she'll be someplace else and that breaks my heart.  My plan was to keep Piper out of daycare for as long as possible, but I think I waited just a little too long.  Last week - just last week - she started getting separation anxiety.  I can't even bear to think of her crying when I leave her tomorrow.  I know, I know, I'm not - by far - the first to go through this, and I won't be the last.  But I'll have a tough day tomorrow all the same.



seussgirl said...

Thinking of you today!

8:28 AM