Wishing the day away

I know this is probably silly, but here is my fear after dropping Piper off today:  what if she isn't as happy anymore now that she has to go to daycare?  Will she still be the same smiley, giggly, girl who loves waking up every morning?  I just LOVE that she's such a happy baby - confident, easy going, energetic and aware.  What if this changes her in some fundamental way?
Drop-off actually went okay this morning - Piper looked uncertain, and her lower lip jutted out a few times, but there were two other kiddos there who were keeping her occupied and I didn't hear her cry as I left...?
How long do you think I need to wait before I call and find out how she's doing?
4:30pm can't come fast enough.



nmaha said...

She'll have a ball. They all realize that a peer group is way better than boring adults.

1:10 AM
~Jess said...

She'll be fine :-)

7:44 PM
Bina said...

Hopefully the daycare has an open door policy, and you can call anytime you want to find out how she is doing. I did it with my two girls. I was worried sick the first week and would call, or go during lunch to check on them. No matter how many people tell you she will be fine, you have to see it for yourself to believe it, and there is nothing wrong with that!

7:50 AM
Bina said...

Okay, I've read through the posts for the past few months and your little girl is so cute!!! I'm so glad everything went well and she is doing so well! I want to know how the first week of daycare went!!!

7:55 AM
Panharith said...

They all realize that a peer group is way better than boring adults.

แตกใน xxx

5:33 AM