Color me happy

Today I'm wearing a pink shirt. As I got dressed this morning, Boyfriend argued that it's really maroon, but I think it's burgendy. Regardless of what color the shirt actually is, it's got a bright powdery pink ribbon that ties around it, and so the overall effect is pink pink pink. I love pink. It makes me smile just thinking about it. I love wearing pink. My favorite pajamas are pink. The light, girly shade of pink.

Pink makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in love. Like passion and innocence collided and merged to form a color. Pink is so pretty!

That being said, it's easy to for pink to go from cutie cute cute to a fashion don't, so clothing choices need to be made with caution. But when you find something that's trendy and pink, it's heaven.

So if you see me today and I seem a little more happy than usual, it's the pink. If I could build a pink world I would. Nothing bad ever happens in pink. Bad things happen in black and white, red, or gray. But pink... pink is only sweetness.