'Tis but a scratch

Last night as we waited to convene a group meeting, I sat at the end of a conference table munching on a Subway veggie delite. One of my students, J, plopped down in a chair next to me. "Did you know that some people are allergic to bandaids?" she asked me.

I raised an eyebrow in response. "Doesn't that suck?" she continued. "Something that's supposed to help them ends up hurting them."

I cocked my head. "J, are we really talking about bandaids?" I asked, thoughts of therapists, drugs, lovers, friends, parents, teachers, police, politicians, nutrasweet whirling through my mind. I couldn't tell if she was being metaphorical or simply presenting a bizarre, unsolicited piece of information.

"Yeah," she responded. "I just think that sucks."

I chewed thoughtfully. "Yeah, I guess it does."



Calsyn said...

Very interesting blog; keep it up! You're a good writer, even when you write about normal, every-day activities it seems interesting.

4:02 PM