A bit off the mark

I'm in NJ with my parents, and it's sweet, sweet pampering for the next few day. My schedule looks something like this: wake up, pop into Starbucks, read, go running in the park, have a home cooked meal, take a bath, relax. During the day I squeeze in a little work, which is productive and leisurely at the same time. Just enough work to make me feel like I've done something, thus justifying the quality play time that follows.

Tonight's entertainment was supposed to be watching Alias Season 5 on dvd. But the local Blockbuster put the kibosh on that because they don't have Alias Season 5. Not wanting to panic and nix my entire Saturday agenda (which had been constructed weeks ago), I decided to try Lost since at the very least the two series have a producer in common. So I swapped out Alias for Lost and my plan remained unchanged.

What I didn't realize is that Lost is scary! I just watched the Pilot and I'm horrified. Alias is fun and very unrealistic. Lost could happen to me on Thursday if my flight to Austin crashes. Not so fun. I often want to be Sydney Bristow from Alias - she travels to exotic places, kicks some ass, and dates a very hot man. I do not want to be any of these people from Lost. In fact I want to spend my whole life trying not to become any of these people from Lost.

You see, this is why I'm generally so inflexible. Plan B has a shifty way of sucking.