Subtle terrors

Something happened to my alarm clock radio setting. I used to wake up to classical music. This morning I woke up to a story about Kenny Chesney.


Talk about disorientation.

I'm not really a conspiracy theory kind of gal, but I know I didn't change the station to country.



Greg said...

I'd be freaked out, too. But then again, Kenny Chesney is that powerful.

7:50 PM
SongBird said...

Talk about a waking nightmare....Kenny Chesney....blech!!

8:54 PM
Trish said...

My favorite station changed to country about 5 years ago...I almost hurled!

I called them up and told them how disapointed I was and that they've just lost a listener but they didn't seem too sad. Imagine!

6:58 AM
Bob said...

Hey..I'm no country fan, but at least he was married to Renee Zellweger!...ya got give him that!---bob

12:40 PM