Last night on my way home from the gym I stopped at the café and picked up a sandwich and Fiancé and I walked down to the Charles river and sat on the docks watching the sun set. It was a great evening - clear and bright with just a little chill in the air. The last time we were on the dock we didn't have any snacks for the ducks, so this time we were happy to realize we could give them part of our dinner. Fiancé tore off pieces of bread from his half of the sandwich, but I didn't really want to part with any of my bread. So I threw them the tortilla chips that came with the sandwich. Fiancé doesn't think the tortilla chips are good for the ducks, but whatever - I saw a little girl feeding them swedish fish last weekend and the ducks lived to tell the tale.

After a while, we had a group of five ducks at our feet. Fiancé tore off a piece of bread and left it just at the edge of the dock - an experiment to see if the ducks would want the bread bad enough to come up and get it. They didn't, but one duck claimed the bread as hers and sat in the water directly beneath the dock. If the other ducks approached, she would nip at them to keep them away. Curious, I upped the ante and added a second piece of bread. Still no bite. But the duck wouldn't leave, either. Finally after many minutes it seemed to give up, and so we tossed the bread after it as it started to swim away. Perseverance should count for something, even if it wasn't absolute perseverance.



Crys :D said...

whoa. when did the change from "or a therapist-it's a fine line" happen? damn.

well, i have comments, so comment i will:

1. lasik is awesome and so worth it. before i got it, everyone told me it was the best decision they'd ever made. and here i will tell you - it was the best decision i ever made. it's so good to be able to go to a friend's house and not have to worry about remembering my contact solution. it's great to not have to worry about my glasses slipping off my face at the gym. it's great to be able to read my shampoo bottle.. finally! oh. but i do miss glasses a little. people take me less seriously without them.

2. mythbusters is awesome. classic How'd They Do That (with the guy from that tabloid entertainment show) was good too. a lot goes into processing aluminum foil.

3. that's all. i really just wanted to tell you that lasik is awesome. go for it.

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