Do you want endorphins with that?

A McDonald's in Eaton Ohio has constructed the Ronald McDonald Gym. It's a play area with interactive activities to get kids moving after they've wolfed down some good ol' artery clogging Happy Meals. It's even got exercise bikes, disguised by bright colors and flashy mechanisms.

I want to say that it's insane, what we're doing. But I guess it's not. Whatever gets people moving.




No. It is insane. It goes hand in hand with McDonald's going to elementary schools ostensibly promoting fitness when what they're really doing is promoting McDonald's since this whole fitness craze of McDonald's began round about the same time that their stock took a sharp nose-dive because apparantly a lot of people are re-thinking their fast-food lifestyle. The new activities just give kids one more reason to beg their parents to take them to McDonald's. So you'll get the family in, spending and eating, while one or two of the little ones play for a bit.

10:00 AM