The moments that pass us by

I've never gotten into the whole eBay thing. But Fiancé sells some of his artwork on eBay, so I've been taking more of an interest in it lately. Tonight I wondered away from the art section and into the wedding dress section. You might wonder why, since I already have my own wedding dress. I guess I just wanted to see why people end up selling theirs.

I have to admit I'm a little tempted to bid on an ugly one just for fun. I can't ever go try on wedding dresses again, and I totally rushed through the process. I could go back and do it some more. I'm still engaged, so I could make a day of visiting other bridal shops with some air of legitimacy. But I'm in that vulnerable place where if I go and try dresses on (just for fun) and accidentally stumble upon one I like better than my own I'll be tempted to make a (second) colossal financial "investment."

I adore my dress. It's my dress. So I'm okay with not trying on any more. It's just that when it came to buying it, I was so intent on getting it done that I forgot to realize that I'd never get to do it again. Like I said in a previous post, you don't realize when it's the last time you're going to experience something. Even when it's really pretty obvious that you're about to blow right by a once in a lifetimer.



Bob said...

Any advice you can give my daughter? You can find her blogsite link on my site. She's going wedding dress shopping in a few BABEEEEEEE!!! waaahh... I digress. I'm sure she would like some practical bits of wisdom in this matter. I'm sure there are things she's not even considered.--Bob

10:05 PM
Bob said...'s Elizabeth's blog, not my cousin Rita.

10:06 PM

Last time you'll ever get to shop for wedding dresses? Never say never. If nothing else you'll probably get to experience that pleasure with your daughter(s) one day.

7:42 AM