Oh, Snood

Husband and I are not in a position to waste much time. Both of our works are busy, we're both taking a time consuming class, Husband is actively job hunting and I'm... well... looking, and believe it or not there are still some wedding-related tasks that need completing. But sadly, I re-stumbled upon Snood about mid-week, and the frenzy hit us this weekend. It's definitely my fault - I brought it into our house. But then Husband downloaded the newest version on his Mac and we didn't stand a chance.

Yesterday after church I barely had my coat off, chai in hand, when I sat down at the computer. Husband pulled up a chair and we took turns playing. Whoever wasn't playing was coaching from directly over the other person's shoulder (this is made easier because our dining room chairs are pub height and the computer chair is regular height). After an hour or so I joked, "We'll probably still be here at Abendamerung!" (the new German word we both just learned meaning dusk). Sure enough, when the sun went down that's where we both still were. Which isn't quite as pathetic you might be thinking because we did, in fact, take a break in between. But still.

Before bed I asked Husband if he thought that maybe at least the game required brain power and we were sharpening our minds by playing. He was already half asleep at this point (yes, I was still up fretting over the hours wasted) and murmured, "a little, but not much."

As sad as our excuse for a productive Sunday was, I still had a lot of fun.