You vill learn to buy a house!

On Monday night Husband and I went to a home buying class. The woman running the class is a real estate lawyer. The class was full of information and we even got homework assignments (three of them!) for next week's class. Because I need more homework right now.

The instructor is a bit intense. She's a tiny woman, but seems larger because she is so strict-school-master. She would fire stuff at us and put us on the spot, forcing us to answer questions as if we were various characters (seller's broker, listing broker, buyer, seller). We rarely did this to her satisfaction and her disappointment seemed palpable.

Husband's pager went off during class because he was on call and I thought she was going to kill us both with the daggers in her eyes.

After class, we realized we knew another couple who had been seated across the table from us. We chatted as we walked home and they walked to their car. They seemed to have a similar impression of the instructor (the impression being that she's scary as hell).

Ironically, the instructor's angle is all about how we should become experts at the process of buying a house to avoid being intimidated and manipulated by the real estate agents. And I have no doubt that after the class we'll feel much more knowledgeable. But in class, we're just intimidated by her instead. So in a way, it's more practice for what we want to avoid than what we want to achieve.