Hot child in the... middle of nowhere

*Warning: Bob, don't read this post*

I love all things hot. Hot showers, boiling baths, fireplaces, heating pads. Crank it up - the warmer the better.

My MIL bought me hand and toe warmers for Christmas. They start heating up once exposed to air and stay hot for about six hours. Since it was -12 degrees yesterday, I used them. Once home, I took the hand warmers and stuck them in my bra.

Why let perfectly good, hot hand warmers go to waste when they'd only clocked an hour and still had about five good hours left in 'em? I needed something tight to put them in so they wouldn't slip. It doesn't make sense to keep my gloves on in the house, they flopped around in my socks, and quite frankly my thong is just too tiny or I wouldn've stuck 'em down there.

Hubs thought this was a little frightening. I don't see why. Well, maybe I do since they gave me a pretty violent case of heat rash. Still, I'd do it again. It's like drinking something warm, and the heat just radiates as it travels down your chest and into your belly. Only in this case, it radiates from your boobs.

Is that weird? Am I weird? Please advise. Here in Minnesota, I seem to have lost all sense of reason when it comes to things temperature-related.



s.e. said...

I may be even weirder. I just had the thought maybe if I tried boob warmers it would make them less sore!

Thanks for the laugh!

4:07 PM
Debbi said...

um, not crazy. (This coming from a CANADIAN... I KNOW COLD!)

Nope. Don't let those gems go to waste after an hour-- they're perfectly suitable in ANY underthings.

4:09 PM
Michelle said...

Why didn't I think of that?

4:26 PM
Bob said...

Actually, my Sue did that a few years ago and after going to the doctor for something else mentioned the blisters to him. He asked what happened, she replied , "Hot Hands". He asked again and she explained what she had done. He advised her NOT to do that again. Then again, they were in there pretty tight--44DDs.

4:32 PM
~Jess said...

I think that's brilliant! My boobs are always cold!

4:45 PM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

When it comes to the cold I think you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Especially Minnesota cold--that is just no joke. If I were you I would likely never leave the house. Hell, I live in the South where its not nearly as cold and hardly leave the house. I hate the cold! :)

6:18 PM
michelle said...

Cold is bad. Warm is good. You found a way to warm. Anyone who questions your method is the crazy one.
Nuff said.

6:57 PM
Casey said...

I would have done the same thing. I live in FL and I'm still shivering half the time.

7:26 PM
DeeMarie said...

That totally made my night. I really want to buy those handwarmers and try it out now!!

But instead I'm off to soak in my clawfoot tub!

7:29 PM
steenky bee said...

I'm glad you tried it first. I was all for it, until I read about the heat rash. Dang. Really?

9:27 PM
Melissa said...

I never did that with the Hot Hands, but I did do that with the hot water bottle when I lived in frigid England. It made me warm and toasty.
I think you're wise to use them more. All that reduce/reuse/recycle stuff, right? It's good for the environment. :o)

11:28 PM
~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Well seeing as how we're neighbors (state wise) I'd say you done good, girl! I'd do the same thing if I had some of those! And I could SO use them being out horseback when it's 20 degrees outside!

12:30 AM
calicobebop said...

I call it "brilliant." The marketers of those hand warmers should come to you for alternative uses!

6:49 AM
Mel said...

Girl, I would have killed myself by now. I am from TEXAS, as in 100 degrees for most of the year Texas. Coldest we've gotten all winter is upper 20's and most of that occurred when the sun wasn't shining. I have no idea how you are managing. I would literally never leave the house.
I love those hot hands things, though. They are awesome!

4:27 PM
Kat said...

Well, I guess you didn't have to worry about your "headlights" being on, just giving them 1st degree burns.

2:50 PM
Nick and Lisa said...

You are hilarious...

12:56 PM
Anonymous said...

Ahhh what we do to keep warm. I live in Canada so I will go to any lengths to maintain warmth too, so no . . . I don't think that's weird at all. Whatever works, hon.

Only now I've got a little bit of that hot-flash thing going on and that's no good either.

1:24 PM
Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I have never tried to put those in my bra before. Or even thought about it for that matter. I don't think we get cold enough to think such thoughts ! Whatever works, though.

24 was pretty good, but I was a little disappointed by the end of it. I wonder if I wouldn't have noticed or predicted as much if I had watched it over 24 weeks instead of just a couple. But it's definately more enjoyable than a lot of the other shows out there right now. Haven't checked out BG yet.

4:59 PM
Melanie said...

Good Heavens, no. It shows great utility and thrift. If I were in Minnesota, I would invest in full body warmers, kind of like a giant condom with heat.

Stay warm!

12:50 PM
Reinvent Dad said...

NO way, you're not do what you gotta do.

4:51 PM
~Virginia~ said...

i'm afraid someone from south texas can't really offer much perspective when it comes to freezing cold temperatures. although i DO have a space heater sitting on my desk at work. in direct defiance of the fire marshall. :)

10:41 AM
Kahla said...

I could totally go for that!

9:33 PM
Maggie May said...

you might have radioactive milk ducts now ;)

11:34 PM
Beth said...

not strange at least to me. I think the idea of "boob warmers" is a great idea and the next PMS I will be shoving these bad babies in MY bra!

12:04 PM
Cat said...

Those warmers get too hot for me, but I've never tried them in my bra before...will experiment later.

Thanks for your thoughts on my cat post. You're right, I don't want a cat, I want a baby, but the State of Minnesota apparently has some kind of "problem" with me taking one home from Target for some reason. I'll stick with fish for now. They're easier to kill if they get out of hand.

2:21 PM
Debbie said...

Not weird. Fun! That's hysterical.

8:29 AM
Danifred said...

Not weird at all, I used to do that all the time on the slopes! It was my little secret.

12:56 PM
david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia, where you'd love this week's record-breaking heatwave here in Melbourne. Yes, it's summer here!

3:10 PM
Froggy said...

That sounds like a brilliant idea! This coming from someone who live in the desert! I can't imagine what lengths I would go to if it was ever that cold here.

10:53 AM
Sandi McBride said...

Well, as I was standing out on the porch in my jammies this morning and the temp was 22...(I was having a hot flash, you see and it felt like heaven...) I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help in determining oddness...but congratulations on Post of the Day comment...

8:26 AM
Sarah Laurence said...

Congratulations on your blog of note from David. I love your blog title. It’s cold in Maine too.

5:33 PM