After work swim + dinner out with a close friend on a gorgeous golf course on a beautiful night = content Elle Charlie.

Checked out my new office digs on the 11th floor today - love it. Very excited to move.

All in all, going to bed tonight with no complaints.

Hero's big day is tomorrow! He goes to camp, which is the perfect way for him to spend his birthday. He loves him some dog camp. And some toothpaste, but that's a story for another day.



Bina said...

Yea for you!

And toothpaste? I'm can only imagine.

My dog loves the algae flakes I give my Pleco. Proof? She ate the whole pack.

8:13 AM
Anonymous said...

Yay! That sounds awesome. I want to have dinner with you on a golf course, I could go for some girl time. :) Living with 2 boys can do that to me... Have a wonderful weekend!

9:24 AM