A change of taste

Two random facts from my day thus far:

  • Hero ripped up my favorite camisole and I want to kill him just a little bit. I almost cried - I've worn it at least once a week every week for the past five years. I've already checked to see if Banana Republic still carries something comparable but it doesn't look promising. Usually Hero goes for socks (Hubs') and underwear (mine) from the hamper, but today for whatever reason he decided to branch out and try something with a hint cotton and some subtle undertones of spandex.
  • I now love Snickers. I've always hated them. I'm not sure what to make of that. It just happened last week, when I discovered some mini Snickers in a fridge at work that - I later realized - is marked with a sign reading "For board meetings only please." That's right, the whole fridge. And there's lots of good stuff in there. I had about 10 before I actually noticed the sign (in my defense, despite the fact that it's the only thing on the surface of the large stainless steel door, the sign was really rather small) and then had to shove all the wrappers in my purse instead of in my trash can so I wouldn't be discovered.



Swishy said...

Oohhhhh, that dog is in trouble!! I would be so mad!

5:21 PM
shopgirl said...

Don't hate me for saying this, but look at it this way... Hero gave you an excuse to go shopping and find a new favorite sweater! But, I know how you feel - little miss sasserfrass (my newest puppy) ate my fave shoes this summer -and thank god she's cute or she would have been a DEAD DOG!!

Good luck on finding a new sweater!!

9:04 PM
Anonymous said...

I used to have a roommate that had a Pomeranian and she went for my undies all the time!!

I think by them time I moved out, she had chewed about 20 pairs...it was the first time I ever thought ill of a dog!

And yeah, I got canned from my other job, so I branched out and decided I wanted out of retail.
I got a job at the hospital here in town on the the lift team.
I'm pretty excited about it, but orientations are soooo boring!!!

11:46 PM
Crys :D said...

maybe they were so tasty because they were illegal? :)

in any case, i am newly attracted to TWIX. haven't had those since high school. Yummmmmm. also, i can't stop thinking about KFC. :(

11:15 AM
Anonymous said...

RIP, mr. camisole, you had many good years in you. ;)

That's funny because snickers is about the only candy bar I like! :)

11:29 AM
Bina said...

Oh my god. I would want to kill him too!

Mine little one hasn't really torn anything up, but he makes me SO mad when he trots out of the bedroom with a sock in his mouth, tail wagging, and is SO happy, until he sees me, then drops it, and sits there with his ears down and waits for me to say, "Bad Dog!"

He will NEVER learn!

I like snickers, but man they make my teeth hurt!

1:54 PM