Okay, I have 6 minutes to write this post. We had a whirlwind weekend up on the North Shore at Hubs' cousin's wedding. We packed on Friday, left early Saturday morning, and got back late yesterday evening. Then Hero knocked over a glass of bright red Crystal Light on our white bedroom carpet and the unsuccessful attempt to clean that up took most of our Sunday night. Needless to say, we're already counting down the days until next weekend, when we can actually relax.

But we had a nice weekend - it was beautiful up north. Lake Superior really is lovely and the leaves are all changing colors which made the drive spectacular. We stopped off for a hike at Gooseberry Falls on the way home and though it was freezing, it was refreshing to be out in the brisk fall air.

Now it's snowing, for the second time in the past three days. Snowing in October. I may never get used to this place.



~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Yeah, I'm not altogether ok with the snowing in October either, so I feel ya on that one!

8:03 AM
Crys :D said...

haven't we talked about oxyclean?

12:48 PM
Bina said...

Well, my little dog that looks like Hero bites his own nails! He bit one so far back that he was bleeding. I thought it was just on the kitchen floor but when I went to take a bath, there was blood on my bedroom carpet. I steam-cleaned the places over and over and STILL it's stained. Any idea on that?

2:17 PM