Back it up, baby

I paid a few medical bills with my benefits card (linked to my FSA), which at the time I thought was super convenient.  But now I'm learning that I've got to substantiate all these ' so called medical claims'.  Send in supporting documents to prove they were legitimate healthcare expenses, lest the IRS come after me with hanging rope and torches.  (I got a nasty letter, can you tell?) 
The charges that are unclear?  Not charges from Walgreens (which, let's face it, could have been for boxes of chocolates or to cover a late-night milk run).  No, it's a charge from Target Clinic and Oakdale OBGYN.  Makes total sense to me.  I often order my lacy underwear, iPod downloads, and decaf lattes from my OBGYN, but these bills (thankfully!) were for actual doctor appointments.  Whew!  This time around, I'm on the up and up. 



Millennium Housewife said...

Thta's weird I order my underwear from my OBGYN too. Only over here they're called Brian, and he does a nice line in puppies too. Perhaps chance to change? Or at least google Brian and check who he is.

1:46 PM
Millennium Housewife said...

ps I meant that's, not thta's. Damn my fingers (a poor workman...)

1:47 PM