In the St. Nick of time

This morning the electrician came to install our movie projector in the downstairs family/rec room!  Perfect timing, as we're currently buried under feet of snow and I'm so tired I can barely get out of my pjs most days (never mind most nights).  Thank goodness for more in-home, in-pjs entertainment options!!!  I missed the movietron, as we lovingly refer to it.
In other good news, my FIL is being moved from the hospital to an inpatient rehab facility - a definite sign of progress.  The facility is near(er) to our house and directly on my way home from work, so it ought to be a little easier to stop in to see him.  Plus (no small matter)... no more hospital parking fees!
Seriously, though, it's wonderful that he's improved to this point.  Here's hoping the upswing continues :)



Crys :D said...

sweet! your next splurge should be those recliners with the speakers and a drink cooler built into them. sorry to hear about your FIL but glad he's getting better! hope your xmas was merry and bright! happy new year :)

10:16 AM