Puzzle pieces

New gym with pool we love to soothe aching cankles: check
Requisite 25 pound weight gain: almost check (1 more pound to go.... then... enough already! Can't take any more!)
Weekly OB visits: check, please stop looking at my cervix - it hurts
Nursery almost complete: check
Mom back in country after a month in Germany: check, delivery is an option now
Pack 'n Play set up as crib in bedroom for first few weeks: check
Naughty dog adjusting to presence of Pack 'n Play: check, surprisingly uninterested?
Coveted work from home slot secured: check!!! Bye bye commute! And dress clothes! And showering!

Almost ready now :)



seussgirl said...

Yay! Especially for the work-from home gig! :)

11:40 AM
Michelle said...

Yay! Congrats!

12:56 PM
Laura said...

Cannot wait until baby girl arrives! I'm so excited for you!

PS....you don't HAVE to have your cervix checked. unless you really want to know. No real bonus, you could be 3 cm and hang on for weeks, or closed and go tomorrow. But I'm hoping for sooner rather than later!

10:58 AM
nmaha said...

I love that you are so organized about getting ready for the baby......enjoy the build-up, it's way more fun than the first few weeks post delivery....I sometimes felt like I would enjoy my baby gadgets more alone (just kidding, so please no shocked expressions).....working from home is a super useful concept

4:10 AM