Wishful thinking?

Starting our 35th week, I think? A glimmer of hope that I won't be pregnant forever! Of course, that glimmer of hope is combined with a massive increase in levels of discomfort. Suddenly, I'm all sorts of swollen and fat! Wha????? Now I see why people complain about the last trimester. I suppose I should count myself lucky that I only have to complain about the last month of the last trimester, but still...

Now the big question is, will I go early, late, or right on time? Because everyone I talk to (and remember, I talk to people all day long for my work) has a different tale to tell. My hospital bag is not yet packed, am I tempting fate? Or is it ridiculous to think Miss Mini Mac could arrive any day? I don't feel like she's all that ready to vacate the premises, but I suppose you never know.

I'm at work for another hour or so, and then we've got plans to tie up loose nursery ends over the course of the afternoon. Hero's at day camp, so we'll have some peace and quiet to actually make some headway. I can't wait to get that room in order!

In other big news (well, this topic is always big news for me), I'm thinking of switching my gym to a much cheaper option that also has a pool with a much more reasonable schedule. Right now my swim options are more limited than I'm comfortable with. Plus I have two friends that go to this other gym... but I have two that go to my current gym. Hmmm...

I know, if you're a parent you're probably laughing that I think I can even get to my gym once we have the little darlin' in the house. But I work with people around nutrition and fitness for a living. I don't have much choice - I have to walk the walk. Although I have been wondering about getting a WiiFit to workout more at home.

We just found out last night another couple we're good friends with is expecting! How fun! Our kids won't be too far apart. And I can hand down my maternity clothes soon! (I know, if you're a parent you're probably laughing that I think I can even get rid of my maternity clothes that soon after the baby's born.) We're very excited for them, although they're at the 10 week mark and poor A is suffering from morning sickness. I remember those days... If I can't yet hand down my maternity clothes maybe at the very least I can hand down my Zofran :)

15 more minutes at work and then out into the sunshine!

Happy Saturday!



Laura said...

oh how I remember those last few weeks of pregnancy. I was absolutely MISERABLE. That was partly my fault for allowing myself to gain too much weight, but that's neither here nor there. Hang in there... it will go faster then you think!

1:49 PM