All hyped up and no place to go

Oh my goodness I am brimming with energy.  I can't seem to stop or slow down.  I feel like I could really use a sedative right about now.  My bedtime routine is all out of wack, and yet I still pop out of bed in the morning ready to go.  Although now that I'm at work I'm feeling just the littlest bit sleepy...
Tonight we go see our friends D and A's new baby boy!  I can't wait!



Michelle said...

All 4 times I busted out with energy right before I went into labor. Beware!

12:29 PM
jessie said...

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nmaha said...

Use all the energy you have to party....or go on a short weekend break with your significant'll thank me for this little nugget of wisdom a few months down the line

5:33 AM