Back to status quo

Don't get me wrong here, I'm *thrilled* to be working from home starting... gulp... next Monday!  But this past weekend, when I'd thought all we had to do was put some finishing touches on the nursery and pack our hospital bags, ended up involving a full remodel of the home office.  Thank goodness for Hubs, who was superman this weekend - in both patience levels and task completion.  I can breathe again, we're back to only finish touches in all our household projects :)  But boy oh boy, do I need to sleep for 1,000 years!

Despite the fact that I'll miss my coworkers horribly, I'm so grateful to soon lose the commute and gain some precious hours back in my life.  And our home office is so sunny and bright!!!

We had another weekly check in at the OB's this morning - nothing new to report.