A new era

Okay, now I am really getting excited about the fact that as of Friday I will no longer be commuting to work!  I can't wait to sit in our sunny office with my Starbucks in my comfy pants - sans uncomfy shoes - and just *relax* while I go about my day.  I mean, work will still be work, but it'll be much less hectic.  Today at Target I bought a bunch of Ziploc bags on sale and didn't realize until I got home that I won't really need Ziploc bags anymore!  No more packed lunches!!!  I can just go down to the kitchen and grab whatever I want whenever I want!  I can pee in the privacy of my very own bathroom!  I can pump in the privacy of my very own... well, wherever I choose to pump! 
After our insane weekend I'm finally calming down.  Things are almost done now.  Friday my work set-up comes home with me and it's done.  Well, okay, hours of IT troubleshooting and technical difficulties could potentially follow before all systems are a go for Monday morning, but after all that, it's done.  *Sigh*
The giant letter for the baby's first name is painted and ready to get hung up on the wall, our final step to completing the nursery.  All of the baby's clothes are washed and folded and organized in her drawers or hung up in her closet.  Her pediatrician is picked and the papework is in a folder ready to go to the hospital with us.  My bag is mostly packed, and sitting waiting in my closet. 
Not a contraction to speak of.  No water leaking or gushing out of anywhere.  Change is not in the air - at least not yet.  So we wait.  Which is fine with me - I need a few days to put my feet up :)  And I'd really like to make the transition to the home office before all hell breaks loose.  I will be sad if something happens before Friday.  But once my trunk is full of company property and the final transition has been made, bring it on!
(I know, I know, I'm still not quite getting that nothing in my life anymore is dictated by my preferences or time table...)



seussgirl said...

That's so exciting!
But you will still need those ziploc bags - just for different items. :)

8:21 PM
nmaha said...

Yay! you sound excited...I did the work from home thing for the last one month as well...though it was great for me physically I missed the fun I had with my work mates......enjoy the calm before the sweetest storm ever.

5:25 AM