Where is the moment we needed the most

I'm sitting at Starbucks. When we first arrived here, Piper had an explosive dirty diaper -casualties were a cute froggy onesie, a baby blanket, and Miss P's cool. We went into the bathroom to clean her up and you'd never believe she could scream so loud for such a pint-sized little thing. It echoed off the walls and I swear the baristas must have thought I was torturing her in there.

For two nights straight over the weekend Piper didn't sleep at all. We'd introduced the bottle and she sucked in so much air she was full of gas, and thus full of fuss. Poor thing. We finally found a bottle that works for her, so last night she mercifully got a little rest. I'd been spoiled - before this bad patch she'd been sleeping through for about 6-8 hours at a stretch.

At her last peds appointment Pipes did okay - she hit the minimum weight gain for the time between visits so while the NP had hoped for more, I was just happy she was within the 'normal' range. But we're still working on getting her to eat more often throughout the day.

As for me, I'm just desperate to eat a hot meal with two hands. I'm hoping that now that the bottle thing has been addressed Piper will be more amenable to being put down. My arms ache from carrying her around for the past 48 hours.

Our home appraisal came in where we wanted it to given the state of property values in this economy, so we're happy about that. Of course, our air conditioner was on the fritz last weekend at the tail end of a heat wave and then this past Saturday night our garage door spring busted with one of the cars stuck inside. The repair man came out this morning and put a temporary fix in place while he ordered the required part, allowing me to get out of the house and procure some much needed caffeine. Lately I feel like my life (at least my life as it relates to major homeowner issues) could be the video for the Daniel Powter song Bad Day.



Kahla said...

Awww, hang in there... this too shall pass!

8:20 PM
nmaha said...

Wow! a newborn who sleeps 6-8 hours! I know you don't feel like it right now, but girl you are blessed.

10:47 PM