Raining cats and dogs

It's a good day to be working from home, watching the storm out the big windows in our study and not having to drive home in this mess.
But it's been really hard to hear Piper crying downstairs and not be able to go to her.  Of course, with all this thunder I can't hear her now :)  Poor little smidge is having a bit of a tough time adjusting to not having her mama around.  Now, adjusting to the bottle?  Piece of cake.  Which hurts my boobs' feelings a tiny bit!  I worry soon she won't want to nurse at all :(  I hope not, but she impatient enough that it just could be the case...



nmaha said...

That is tough, for both of you. It's worse when you can hear them and can't do anything.
Oh! don't worry most of them won't stop nursing on their own, coz nursing guarantees that mommy sticks around.

3:02 AM